Rochetto's is How Cajun Does Italian!

Restaurant entrepreneurs Phil Faul and Pat Bordes were ready to expand in Scott and it was with great fortune they met and teamed up with Brady Benton. Brady grew up in the pizza business with his father Mr. Sidney Benton. So, Phil and Pat, and Brady, with his love for Italian Cuisine and Specialty Pizza opened Rochettos Pizzeria in the fall 2009.

Phil and Pat are the owners of Fezzos Seafood Steakhouse and Oyster Bar. Fezzo is Cajun French for wooden spool. They found the Italian word with a similar meaning, Rocchetto, a wooden reel.

Rochettos proudly serves authentic Italian cuisine with a few Cajun twist to the menu. They serve two types of pizza crust, Cracker and traditional hand tossed, both made fresh daily. The creative mixture of Italian and Cajun is why Rochettos is HOW CAJUN DOES ITALIAN.

Rochettos Pizzeria has since opened its second location in Crowley La in 2023 serving the same menu with a large variety of specialty pizza, pasta, wraps, salads, sandwiches and much more all served in a relaxed atmosphere and ice-cold beer on tap.