about | ROCHETTO'S

Behind every locally owned and operated business lies a story. Rochetto’s is no different. 

The tale begins in 1999 with the birth of a local favorite; Fezzo’s Seafood, Steakhouse and Oyster Bar in Crowley. Three friends and entrepreneurs set out on a mission to provide southwest Louisiana with a menu of palate pleasers and classic Cajun specials. With every plate of food they won the hearts, and taste buds, of the community and shortly after duplicated the menu across town opening a second Fezzo’s in Scott, and a third, Fezzo’s in Broussard most recently. Phil, Pat and Jessica teamed up with Brady Benton whose love of specialty pizza and Italian cuisine was a perfect catalyst. Thus Rochetto’s was born! This team of masterminds has mixed the best of both worlds in providing Louisiana with French and Cajun traditional dishes and a delicious variety of classic Italian favorites! As the roots of this story lie deep in history, does the amount of heart behind the concept. Phil’s father was a driving force, his father’s favorite childhood toy, The Spool being “Fezzo” in French and “Rochetto” in Italian, was the inspiration and the friendship and tradition that exists in the founding members and staff of each location is the tie that binds it all together. When you place all of the ingredients of this story together you end up with only one thing: Success!

Rochetto’s is How Cajun Does Italian!Stop in and see us today!